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Pasture Raised, Organic Fed Mangalitsa Pork:

Bacon $9/lb

Bacon Ends $5/lb

Maple Breakfast Sausage $8/lb

Maple Breakfast Sausage – links $9/lb

Maple Breakfast Sausage – patties $8.50/6pk

Mild Breakfast Sausage  – patties $10/lb

Fresh Ham Hock $4/lb

Fresh (uncured) Ham $7/lb

Cured & Smoked Ham $8/lb

Shoulder Roast $7.45/lb

Country Style Ribs $7.45/lb

Spare Ribs $7.45/lb

Pork Steaks (2pk) $7.45/lb

Bratwurst Links (4pk) $8.75/lb

Iowa Cut Pork Chops (2pk) $8/lb

Ground Pork $7/lb

Chorizo $8/lb

Italian Sausage $8/lb

Lard (ground, unrendered) $3.50/lb

Leaf Lard (ground, unrendered) $4/lb

Pork Soup Bones $3.50/lb

Organs (liver, kidney & heart) $3.50/lb


Free Range, Organic Fed Chicken:

Whole Chicken (ave. 6-7lb) $4/lb

Cut Up Chicken (ave. 6-7lb) $4/lb

Chicken Livers $4/lb

Gizzards $4/lb

Chicken Necks $4/lb

Hope Creamery Salted Butter $6.50/lb

Old Lady Handmade Soap:

Luscious Lather Shampoo Bar 4oz – $6ea or 4 for $20

Moisturizing Hair & Body Bar 4oz – $6ea or 4 for $20

Healing Bar 4oz – $6ea or 4 for $20

Loofah Bar 3.5 oz – $6ea or 4 for $20

Citrus Kitchen Bar 4oz – $6ea or 4 for $20

Grated Laundry Soap 8oz – $12ea or 2 for $20

Laundry Stain Stick $5/ea

Seasoning Blends & Rubs:

Chorizo 48g – $5/ea

Italian 48g – $5/ea

Breakfast 48g – $5/ea

Chicken Rub 48g – $5/ea

Coffee Rub 48g – $5/ea


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