Pre-Order Options For The Week of March 16th

Order pick up is available from 1:00 to 3:00 PM at Mossycup Farms on Thursday, March 19th. Delivery’s will be made on Friday, March 20th from 1:00 to 3:00. Orders can be sent by email, phone or text to 952-836-6551 or We will email or text you an invoice that can be paid ahead. Event details can be found at:

Mossycup Farms Pasture Raised, Organic Fed Pork:

Bacon $9/lb

Bacon Ends $5/lb

Maple Breakfast Sausage $8/lb

Maple Breakfast Sausage – patties $8.50/pkg

Fresh Ham Hock $4/lb

Cured & Smoked Ham $8/lb

Shoulder Roast $7.45/lb

Country Style Ribs $7.45/lb

Bratwurst Links (4pk) $8.75/lb

Iowa Cut Pork Chops $8/lb (2 per pkg, ave wt 1.5lbs)

Ground Pork $7/lb

Chorizo $8/lb

Italian Sausage $8/lb

Lard $3.50/lb (8 to 10lb bag)

Leaf Lard $4/lb (5 to 6lb bag)

Soup Bones $3.50/lb

Organs $3.50/lb

Mossycup Farms Poultry Products

Free range, organic fed whole or cut up chickens $4/lb (average 6 lb)

Eggs $4/dozen (limited availability)

Hope Creamery Salted Butter $6.50/lb

Mossycup Farms Soap Products:

Laundry Soap $12 each or 2/$20

Laundry Stain Stick $5

Antibacterial Citrus Kitchen Soap $6/bar

Shampoo & Body Bar $6/bar or 4/$20 available in Rosemary & Mint, Lavender, Lemongrass, Uplift and Bergamot & Cedar Scents

Loofah Bar $6/bar or 4/$20

Lotion Bar $7

Mossycup Farms Seasoning Blends:

Chicken Rub, Italian, Chorizo, Coffee Rub or Breakfast Blend $5 each or 4/$17

Our signature seasoning blends are made with organic and fair trade herbs and are free of MSG and gluten

Bundle & Save! Current bundle options from Mossycup Farms can be found by CLICKING HERE. Create your own bundle ($100 value or more) and take 5% off individual prices! Delivery to Clear Lake and Mason City addresses is also available on orders over $100.