Our mission is to raise

the highest
quality products

possible for our family & to make those products available for others to enjoy.


Using certified organic feed and pasture grazing our animals, we raise heritage breed pork; free-range geese, ducks, quail and chickens for meat and eggs. We produce amazing, pure-white lard for cooking and handmade lard soaps. Browse our ever-growing inventory.

our farm store

Open hours for self service (independent shopping) are Tuesday through Saturday, 9 AM Р6 PM. Stop in and grab what you need, or order ahead in our online store! Click on the map below to find our products near you!

If you need assistance, please schedule an appointment ahead of time by sending us a message.

About us

So why did we start? The reasons are plentiful and our answers range from ‚Äúfond memories made us do it!‚ÄĚ to ‚Äúsomething had to change so we didn‚Äôt feel awful anymore.‚ÄĚ

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