2023 Chicken Deposit

Available for local pick up and delivery only.

Farm fresh, free-range chickens! This years chickens will be foraging our farm and dining on certified organic feed and can be in your oven or freezer in the early summer!

$5 Deposit

Whole, Halved or Cut Up

Total cost is $4.50/lb based on dressed weight

$1.00 Additional per bird for cut up

5 to 6lb Average dressed weight anticipated

We’ll be in touch via email when a processing date in early summer has been scheduled. Chickens will be available for pick up at the farm the day after processing. Other arrangements for pick up or delivery can be made – just let us know what works for you! We’ll contact you via email the week before processing to confirm final details.

Final cost will be $4.50/lb based on dressed weight (average will be approx. 5 to 6lbs and includes processing cost) + $1.00 if chickens are cut up. Example: 5lb x 4.50 = $22.50 for whole or + $1.00 = $23.50 for cut up


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