Custom Processed Whole or Half Hog

Farm fresh, pasture raised pork custom processed just for you at the Ventura or Clarion Locker! Our pigs have been foraging on pasture and dining on certified organic feed and will be ready for your dinner table or freezer in the month you choose.

$100 Whole Hog Deposit

$50 Half Hog Deposit

Additional information can be found below or in our Guide To Buying A Whole or Half Hog Share

Final costs are based on hanging weight + processing costs. Processing costs are paid directly to the locker. Average hanging weight on a whole hog is 190lbs and yields approximately 115 lbs of cuts + lard, organs and bones. Actual cut weight and processing cost varies based on cut instructions given to the locker.

Whole Hog – $3.25 / LB Hanging Weight + Processing

Half Hog – $3.25 / LB Hanging Weight + Processing

We’ll contact you via email before processing to confirm final details.

Our signature sausage recipes, made with organic and fair trade herbs, including chorizo, maple breakfast sausage, Italian and traditional bratwurst are now available with custom shares. Be sure to request them when giving your cut instructions!


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