DIY Venison Sausage Kit

Perfect for deer hunters making their own venison sausage at home!

Everything you’ll need except the venison! Makes 25 pounds total – 10 pounds of unseasoned ground and 15 pounds of seasoned sausage including Italian Sausage, Breakfast Sausage or Chorizo.

Kit includes 5 pounds of pasture raised & organic fed pork fat and 3 seasoning packets made with organic and fair trade herbs. Seasonings are gluten free and contain no MSG or fillers. Pork fat is ground and ready to combine with 20 pounds of your ground venison for a total of 25 pounds.

Standard kit includes 1 packet each of Italian Seasoning, Breakfast Seasoning and Chorizo Seasoning. Each packet seasons 5 pounds of ground meat. You may choose any combination of seasonings by telling us your seasoning choices.


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