Farm Life (Officially)

We’ve owned our farm since 2015 but have just recently finished building our house and are now living on the farm.  Does that officially make us farmers?

We drove back and forth from our house in town to do chores before we lived out here and its been really nice to wake up a wander outside to check the animals in my PJ’s. Our kids realized after waking up for the first time in their new bedrooms that they have an amazing view of the sunrise.  If you’re sitting on our front porch (which I’m doing right now) you can also watch the sun set.  We’ve never had a view before and we’re really enjoying it.

What else is new…. 4 litters of piglets have been born on our farm this year and we will be restocking our freezers in October, November & December.  For purchasing options CLICK HERE.  Because we had our hands full with moving, landscaping and such we only raised 1 batch of broiler chickens but we will be offering those as part of meat bundles.  If you’d like to stay up to date on current offerings please join our email list.  We decided to add quail, ducks and geese to our poultry population and are really enjoying  watching them grow.

The girls and I decided to make lard soap this summer and have been really impressed with the results.  Will write more about soap making soon!

Laura Tidrick
Laura Tidrick

Laura is on a mission to raise the highest quality food possible for her own family and to offer that same quality to others.

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